A Little About Me.

This is the personal website of Clint Kolodziej, a graphic/web designer and programmer who focuses on clean layouts and design with a high level of usability.

My Resume or Contact Me

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I have been in the computer technology field for nearly 15 years. Working on websites combines two of my passions: programming, and graphics/web design. To get an idea of my various skills and day-jobs take a look at my resume.

Design Goals.

As a website and graphic designer I strive to design sites that are elegant, maintainable, and most of all: usable. I try to pay attention to detail and keep things uncluttered, easy to navigate, and with a purpose. A site should be focused on delivering content, and should be designed to look great but not get in the way.

See What I Can Do.

Feel free to check out my portfolio to see some examples of what I can do. If you have a project that you could use my help on please contact me .

Contact Me.

Please take a look at my resume and portfolio and contact me if you have anything you could use my help with.